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About Us

Who We Are

My name is Alexis, and was 28 years old when I started Camp Canine. Like many, the pandemic allowed me time to re-evaluate my priorities and what I wanted my life to be post Covid-19. In September of 2020 I was hired to work at a dog daycare in Scarborough, as their Pet Parent Relationship Manager, and suddenly everything clicked! I have always loved dogs, and in fact have three at home. 
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The Story

Camp Canine

Working with dogs, guaranteeing that their health and safety comes first, and ensuring they are living a fulfilled and happy life was no longer just a job for me, rather it became my passion.  

As I became more engaged with the pup parents, I became more dedicated to their pups and their wellbeing, I began to focus on the many ways in which the care for these pets could and should be improved.  Dog daycares must put the health and safety of dogs first, something I was determined to do, and just like that… Camp Canine was born. 

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Peace of mind

They aren't just a dog to us

When you plan to take your dog to a daycare you should have peace of mind that your pets’ health and safety is top priority and know that all staff are certified in Canine First Aid and have been trained to put your pup first.  

The facility should have protocols and measures in place if it were to be discovered that one of the campers visiting has Kennel Cough, Puppy Warts or a Respiratory Infection. You should have an opportunity to tour the facility, should you be interested, see firsthand how your pup will be cared for.

Camp Canine was created to guarantee that every dog is properly, diligently, and most importantly safely looked after. They aren't just a dog to us; they are part of our pack- and we do not take that lightly. 

The Difference

What makes Camp Canine Different?

Our playrooms are open concept; separated by fences not walls. This ensures that the dogs in our care are not frightened when entering their play area because they can see who is on the other side.

In working with Dog behaviour consultants, we understand the importance of putting the dogs at ease, helping them feel comfortable when entering the playroom. Our floors are made of Pet Turf, which is a synthetic grass specifically created for dogs. Pups can do their business, and the grass is then hosed down and drained through the pipe system underneath the grass.

Pet Turf is patented grass system, created to provide a hygienic environment, unlike rubberized or tile floors, which also can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your dogs paws and joints. 

A little more about Camp Canine

Camp Canine staff are all trained in Canine First Aid. We have trained behavior experts, by the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) in-house to guarantee the safety of every dog.

There is always a camp counselor watching over your dogs, they are never left alone. You can also watch them at home on our webcams and expect loads of pictures sent directly to you throughout the day!Along with an HRV system with HEPA air filters that will guarantee your dog is playing in a clean environment, and at the perfect body temperature, Camp Canine also has HealthMate Air Purifiers installed, certified to remove 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns and larger. 

As an indoor facility, we can control all the variables when it comes to your dog’s safety. Camp Canine has developed our own puppy socialization courses, as well as a class for families with young children to prepare them for the arrival of a new dog! Camp Canine is the place for all things dog: from choosing a reputable breeder, to how to puppy proof the home, our Pet Parent Manual will be able to answer any questions and concerns you might have with your new dog (and a few secret tips and tricks too!). 

Dog daycare is not a one size fits all, and that is exactly how Camp Canine is modeled. We are here to help you find a plan that works for YOUR dog.